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If there is anything troubling you with the app, this is the place to report that bug or issue.


  1. An Sapphire Gael

    Hello, I thought that the most recent update enabled font size increases, current font size is so small that it is meaningless cause I cant read it.
    Is there no settings page?
    Some of sound selections have no picture just 3 grayed boxes.

    Many thanks

    1. admin Post author

      Hi! Over this weekend I released version 1.6 of Heavenly Meditated for the Kindle Fire, and Google Play markets. I tested on all devices and everything was perfect on my end BUT each device is different. Which market and what device are you using? I greatly appreciate your notification of these bugs, if you are experiencing them, others are as well. This release does give the ability to change the font sizes from small, medium, or large. If you are unable to read the text, that is a major concern. As far as the sound selections being a grayed box, I’ve never seen that bug before so any more info you can provide is essential.

      Thank you very much,

    1. Shane Burke Post author

      Hi! Thanks for notification of this problem. I just checked on my nook color and have the same issue, it will not download. Hopefully, this is a temporary server issue with Barnes & Noble. I was able to download and install Buddha and The Bodhi Sunday night so I know it was working recently. I’ll keep an eye on things and will notify you once things are up and running. Thanks again and sorry for the inconvenience.


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