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Guided Meditation For Beginners

Rain Forest - Lose yourself in the explosion of life in the rain forest.

4 minutes and 23 seconds

Audio Sample

Sunny Marshland - The warm sun is refreshing your body and wonderful smells bring your senses to life!

5 minutes and 03 seconds

Audio Sample

Thunderstorm - A storm is building and thunder begins to roll relaxing your entire body into a peaceful trance.

4 minutes and 37 seconds

Campfire - Meditate in front of the campfire and listen to the gentle crackle of flames.

4 minutes and 12 seconds

Audio Sample

Forest Jungle - This high mountain forest jungle environment will eliminate any worries in your life.

4 minutes and 43 seconds

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Instantly download these high quality nature sounds for your smartphone, tablet, and computer.


Nature Sounds - Get All 5 MP3's Now!


Enjoy 5 completely different locations from around the globe, each featuring high quality nature sounds unique to the environment. Locations featured in the Nature Sounds album include the rain forest, sunny marshland, thunderstorm, crackling campfire, and high forest jungle. Ideal for anyone that prefers an outdoor meditation experience.


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